• My nephew just recently got into the Pokémon trading card game (TCG). Like, less than a month ago. Apparently, it is all the rage in his first grade class and he feels that it is necessary to participate in order to maintain his social standing. Lucky for him, his birthday was last week and he [...]
  • October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. In honor of the important occasion, Apple has added a special page to iTunes that will allow users to donate to cancer research and treatment center City of Hope on the iPad with one tap. City of Hope is a research and treatment facility that specializes in cancer, [...]
  • This week, Paris is playing host to the annual Fashion week. On Tuesday, high-end boutique Colette held a special event to show off the Apple Watch. Today, Vogue published an in-depth profile piece with Apple’s senior vice president of Design, Jony Ive, proving that Apple is more than just a tech company. It is also [...]
  • Within the next couple of weeks, Apple will likely announce a media event where the company will unveil the next generation of iPad Air and iPad mini, as well as unleash OS X Yosemite on the public and make Apple Pay available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. With a new iPad Air looming [...]
  • Apple will announce a gold iPad model in October to boost slumping sales of its 9.7-inch tablet, according to Bloomberg. People familiar with Apple's plans told Bloomberg that the next-generation iPad will be available in silver, gray and now gold, just like the iPhone 6 model pictured below. This will be the first time Apple has offered the iPad in anything but silver or gray, since it first introduced new colors with the release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

    Gold iPhone 6

    The anonymous source said Apple hopes the new color will regain people's sagging interest in tablets due to availability of larger mobile phones on the market. Bloomberg also cites a note written by RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani, which claims iOS users have been losing interest in the iPad after "shifting to iPhones with larger screens". Daryanani's research corroborates with other rumors that Apple will discontinue the iPad mini due to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus being more phablet-like.

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  • Shortly after I updated my iPhone and iPad to iOS 8, I discovered that the “My Photo Stream” album wasn’t there anymore. Without research, one would assume that Apple had lost your photos. However, that is not the case. Apple has, instead, relocated your iCloud photos to a different place. Instead of having a separate [...]
  • As we inch closer to the launch of Apple’s next big thing, fashionistas were given the chance to get a special glimpse of the Apple Watch during the Annual Fashion week in Paris. Upscale fashion boutique Colette announced a one-day only event in collaboration with Apple and the night before, snapshots were coming in from [...]
  • Apple is always looking for new ways to make our lives easier and impress the world with new innovations. If you look at patents that the company has applied for within the last decade, you’ll see that Apple has a lot of irons in the fire and a lot of ideas for future technological advancements. [...]
  • Pokémon TCG Online has finally landed on the U.S. App Store after soft launching in Canada and slowly rolling out over various iTunes regions earlier today. PTCGO is based on the original Game Boy Color game that was eventually turned into an online version for Mac and Windows. Not only is this the first Pokémon game released to iOS devices, it is also exciting news because the Pokémon Company is a subsidiary of Nintendo. As most Nintendo fans already know, the company has expressed much disinterest in releasing mobile versions of their games.

    Pokémon TCG Online

    Pokémon TCG Online requires an internet connection to work, and it only supports iOS 7.0 or later running on an or iPad 3 or later and iPad mini with Retina display. It is a trading card game where players can play head-to-head or against a computer opponent to unlock more cards to build the ultimate Grass, Fire, or Water decks.

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  • Apple has already begun seeding the first beta version of iOS 8.1 to developers. Of course, with big updates to an operating system comes tech info on what those updates will be. Acccording to developer Hamza Sood, iOS 8.1 includes Apple Pay content and shows evidence of Touch ID support for the next generation of [...]
  • Whenever I’m about to go someplace I’ve never been, I try to get as much info ahead of time as possible. I’ll use Google Earth to try to get a visual description of a building. I’ll look up Yelp reviews to see what is good or bad. I’ll even try to find out what the [...]
  • Apple is supposedly working on a 12.9-inch iPad model. Rumors have been bubbling up recently that the larger sized tablet will be ready sometime in early 2015, will sport the, slightly better, A8X processor chip, and might even come with 2GB of RAM. Today’s rumor is that Samsung will be on deck to supply the [...]
  • Developer Hamza Sood claims to have discovered references to a new iPad model with Touch ID and a settings and privacy page for Apple Pay on the iPad in iOS 8 beta 1. Sood posted evidence of his discoveries on Twitter.

    Apple Pay iPad

    The image above shows an "About Apple Pay & Privacy" page found in the Passbook settings that describes what information Apple collects when you sign up for Apple Pay. Sood's second screenshot posted to Twitter shows a string of code that reads: "Pay with iPad using Touch ID". This doesn't mean the next-generation iPad Air will have NFC like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it just means users will be able to use Apple Pay and Touch ID on their iPad to make in-app purchases or do online shopping.

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  • The Apple Watch is still months away but information is continuing to trickle out about its capabilities and technical components which point towards continued innovation and high quality design. The display design uses a plastic AMOLED design that is lighter, thinner, higher quality, but cost several times more than the standard glass LED displays. Analysis [...]
  • 9/29/2014 11:02:35 PM

    It has long been rumored that Apple will introduce a bigger, more powerful tablet, dubbed the iPad Pro, either in late 2014 or early 2015. More likely the latter. A recent report from Taiwanese site Tech News indicates that it will likely sport an enhanced version of the A8 chip that is found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

    iPad Pro to have A8X chip

    According to the report, the "A8X" is necessary to cope with the much larger 12.9" retina display. The largest iPad display to date is the iPad Air's 9.7" screen. The report also mentioned that the next generation iPad Air will likely double its memory to 2GB RAM.

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  • In the past Apple would begin field testing new iOS versions only after finishing previous versions, which makes sense considering the sequential nature of those versions. The problem is that iOS has rarely been as polished as it should be when compared to hardware releases and so Apple is either shortening its development cycle to have [...]
  • We may get to see more Apple Watches in the wild during a special event in Paris at its annual Fashion Week. The Tuesday event is being co-hosted by Apple and fashion store Colette, and the invitation features a series of bubbles which look suspiciously like the Apple Watch home screen and suggests that Apple [...]
  • Foxconn has been associated with Apple for a long time and many consider it to be an ‘Apple’ company. The reality is that Foxconn Electronics survives because of the work it does for Apple but they are expanding their business in an attempt to diversify and reduce their reliance on Apple. According to sources of [...]
  • Even though I have all the world’s technology at my fingertips, I still reach for my Post-It notes on occasion for scribbling down reminders. Sometimes, they are stuck to my computer screen. Sometimes, I fold them in half and stuff them into my wallet. No matter how advanced the digital age becomes, it seems like [...]
  • It has been a rough week for Apple, starting with a bug that blocked third-party apps from using the HealthKit feature, a major selling point of Apple's new health platform and iOS 8. Apple released iOS 8.0.1 to fix the issue, but quickly discovered that the update disabled Touch ID and cellular data on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After pulling iOS 8.0.1 on the same day it was released, Apple released iOS 8.0.2 the next day. The second update fixed the HealthKit problem and other issues such as a bug that was affecting third-party keyboards.


    Developers didn't waste anytime updating their fitness and health apps with HealthKit support. iOS 8 users can now sync popular apps like WebMD and MyFitnessPal to the health app and track a variety of stats such as meal exercise data. You can see a list of some of the new HealthKit-enabled apps here.

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  • It has now been confirmed that Apple acquired Dutch startup PRSS earlier this week. Apple issued its standard statement to TechCrunch, saying that it "buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."

    Apple acquires PRSS

    PRSS, which was developed by Michel Elings and Jochem Wijnands and launched last year, is an open platform for digital magazine publishers that essentially makes it easier to publish iPad friendly versions of their magazines with tools that don't require any coding knowledge. Prior to PRSS, Elings and Wijnands founded TRVL, which launched in 2010 and was the first iPad-exclusive magazine.

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  • After a tumultuous couple of days, Apple was finally able to push an update to iOS 8 that fixed the fairly egregious error with causing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners to lose cell service and Touch ID. By this morning, you were probably already prompted to update. Within a few hours of the update [...]
  • To add to the poor publicity Apple has been dealing with for the past week, Chicago Police’s chief of detectives is speculating that Apple’s new extra-secure mobile operating system, iOS 8, is like a magnet for pedophiles. First people are accusing Apple of collaborating with the NSA to give away user information. Now people are [...]
  • In the late 1980s, cyberpunk was all the rage. Movies like RoboCop, The Running Man, and Total Recall graced the big screen. Around that same time, a sports-based video game called Speedball made its way onto gaming consoles. The game takes parts of ice hockey and handball and mixes it with hand-to-hand combat against opposing [...]
  • I’m not surprised that Steve Ballmer is going to be using Microsoft products with the L.A. Clippers and frankly I don’t think it will make any difference with how well the team performs, but I can’t find a single way that the switch will help the Clippers win a championship. I respect Ballmer for being [...]
  • FDG Entertainment is working on an interesting tower defense title that should interest both fans and non-fans of the genre. Unlike most tower defense games where players normally sit back and watch the action unfold, Crystal Siege allows players to get in on the mayhem by controlling a griffin riding hero. The game also features "several types of environmental traps" that also gives it a more hand-on approach, according to Touch Arcade who got an early look at the game in 2013.

    Touch Arcade has learned that FDG Entertainment finally plans to release Crystal Siege sometime in Q4 of 2014, which is good news since the game fell off the radar after being previewed at GDC 2013. FDG Entertainment has also released a new 30-second trailer which you can watch above.

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  •   Christopher Nolan’s next blockbuster hit, “Intersteller,” is set to hit the big screen on Nov. 7. To get fans excited about the sci-fi adventure, Paramount has just released a simulation game that lets players create and customize an entire galaxy. Intersteller (the game) is a multi mode adventure that lets players create any type [...]
  • Earlier this week, word began to spread that some iPhone 6 Plus owners were experiencing issues with the durability of their device. We’re not talking about crushing it with a sledgehammer, dropping it from six feet up, or even putting it through a blender. Apparently, some iPhone 6 Plus have noticed that their devices have [...]
  • We are only a few weeks away from finding out whether Apple will hold a second media event to unveil the next generation of iPad. Leading up to what will most likely happen on Oct. 21, we are going to hear a lot of rumors about what to expect. Although not expected until early 2015, [...]
  • Yesterday, Apple released an update to iOS 8 intended to squash some bugs, including HealthKit apps, third-party keyboard issues, and missing photos from the iPhoto app. Within minutes of the download going live, Twitter was buzzing with news that the update disabled cellular networks and broke Touch ID on a variety of devices. Apple pulled [...]
  • Musical app maker Jesper Nordin is redefining what you can do with sound, one app at a time. His first app, Gestrument, allows users to create complex melodies simply by dragging their finger across the screen. Now, the same app developer has created a scale editor that allows you to customize scales with incredible detail [...]
  • This morning, Apple released an update to iOS 8 that is expected to fix a number of bugs that were found within the past week. However, within minutes, it became apparent that the download included some serious issues. First noticed by a number of Apple users on Twitter, iOS 8.0.1 appears to cause some to [...]
  • The tech world was pretty sure Apple would unveil its new wearable technology on Sept. 9 during the company’s media event. What was actually more of a surprise was finding out that the Apple Watch would not be ready until some indeterminate date in “early 2015.” No holiday sales? According to The Information, even Apple [...]
  • Earlier this week, U.S. President Barack Obama met with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly. In the midst with the hubbub surrounding the Country’s actions against the Islamic State, Obama was seen checking out Bahrain’s ambassador’s new iPhone 6. According to the New York Times, during the UN meet-up, Obama spotted the iPhone [...]
  • Apple today released iOS 8.0.1 then pulled it after users reported that the update broke their cellular data and Touch ID on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. An Apple spokesperson told The Verge, "we have received reports of an issue with the iOS 8.0.1 update, and said that the company is "actively investigating" the issue. You can still downgrade to iOS 8.0 if your device is experiencing problems after installing iOS 8.0.1, or you can wait until Apple rolls out iOS 8.0.2 in the near future.

    iOS 8.0.1

    The update was originally released to fix a few bugs and improve "the reliability of the Reachability feature on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus," according to the changelog. Other iOS 8.0.1 fixes included eliminating a bug so HealthKit apps could be made available on the App Store, fixing an issue with Safari and addressing an issue with 3rd party keyboards.

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  • Last night, I was browsing Pinterest on my iPad Air running iOS 8 when the app crashed. That was my first experience with any sort of issue on iOS 8. I reloaded the app and continued my activities, only to have it happen again, two more times. I gave up and went to bed. App [...]
  • These days, you can get a basic touch screen stylus for practically nothing. However, Apple still doesn’t give them away with new iPhone or iPad devices. So, if you are playing with your new, larger sized iPhone 6, or simply looking for a customize stylus for your iPad, we found a project that will cost [...]
  • Probably the longest lasting, most popular game on iOS is Minecraft Pocket Edition. The game has consistently remained within the top 10 most popular paid apps since it launched in 2011. The company that created the block-building phenomenon, Mojang, is on schedule to port their second game to iOS this fall. Scrolls is a turn-based [...]
  • A new round of rumors is starting to surface. This time, it is in regards to the next generation of iPad mini. Current speculation points to a late October media event where Apple will unveil the second-generation iPad Air (as well as a possible refresh of Apple TV). Presumably, Apple would update the iPad mini [...]
  •   Yesterday, Apple announced a record-breaking launch weekend for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Traditionally, the company also notes the estimated number of times the new operating system was downloaded (200 million in 2012 and 100 million in 2013) in such a press release. However, it was conspicuously absent this year. Today, Apple’s Developer [...]