• The Electric Company Prankster Planet

    PBS KIDS has released The Electric Company Prankster Planet for the iPad. The 2D side-scrolling game includes eight quests with math curriculum woven throughout, an avatar creator and collectible rewards. The game was designed to meet U.S. Department of Education guidelines and aims to teach kids math, graphs, charts and data analysis. The Electric Company Prankster Planet is available for free on the App Store.

  • Forbidden Desert

    There's been a real lack of iPad-only apps being released to the App Store the last few weeks, but some developers are still porting physical board games to Apple's tablet. Eagle-Gryphon Games recently brought its futuristic card game Baseball Highlights 2045 to the iPad, and today Button Mash Games has released Forbidden Desert to the App Store. Forbidden Desert is based on the best selling adventure game by Matt Leacock. It is a follow-up to Forbidden Island which is also available on the App Store.

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne

    Telltale Games today announced The Walking Dead: Michonne will launch for PC/Mac, Steam and other digital platforms on February 23rd. The PC/Mac release will then be followed by a mobile release on February 25th. The first episode of the three episode miniseries will be titled "In Too Deep," and the second episode, launching in March, will be called "Give No Shelter," followed by "What We Deserve" in April. All three episodes will be available for $14.99 when the game is released.

  • Final Fantasy IX

    Square Enix has followed up its release of Adventures of Mana to the Apple App Store with the launch of Final Fantasy IX for iOS and Android devices. The ninth-game in the Final Fantasy series follows Princess Garnet, who is captured by Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe. Garnet and her personal guard, Steiner, team up with Zidane and other characters as they embark on an adventure to stop a malevolent force that threatens to destroy their world.

  • Rose Gold iPhone

    Apple's next generation 9.7-inch tablet will be available in Rose Gold when it is released next month, according to 9to5Mac. The Apple blog reports that there are already "Rose Gold variations of the upcoming iPad Air 3 floating around Apple’s campus." Apple is also allegedly considering bringing the Rose Gold color to the next-generation 12-inch MacBook and the iPad mini.

  • Kosunin

    It was another nonexistent week for iPad games and apps. As we discussed last week, it seems like developers are opting to make more universal titles as the size of iPhones have increased and interest in tablets has decreased. Recent rumors have suggested that Apple is preparing to launch its third-generation 9.7-inch iPad on March 15. Hopefully a new iPad Air will help boost some interest in iOS-powered tablets once again and encourage developers to make more high quality titles for the iPad.

  • MARVEL Avengers Academy

    Marvel Avengers Academy has officially landed on the App Store for iOS devices. The game re-imagines Earth's Mightiest Heroes as young students in S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Nick Fury's new school. Players must recruit and train new heroes while trying to solve a mysterious "timefog" affecting the academy.

    The game offers an interesting twist on Marvel's most popular characters by forcing them to deal with the dangerous task of navigating campus life. Players must not only develop their students' powers but help them go on dates and deal with rival cliques.

  • Apple Watch Hermès

    Up until recently it wasn't even clear if Apple would refresh its 9.7-inch iPad lineup, but numerous leaks, analysts predictions and a recent report by 9to5Mac all seem to indicate that the iPhone-maker will announce an iPad Air 3 in March. According to Mark Gurman, Apple is set to announce two new devices plus new Apple Watch bands during a keynote tentatively scheduled for March 15.

  • iPad Air 3 Case

    A leaked image of a case posted to Macotakara shows that the rumored iPad Air 3 will resemble its larger counterpart the iPad Pro. The image of the case seems to reveal a port for a Smart Connector and four speaker cutouts. The Smart Connector was introduced with the iPad Pro so it could easily connect and share data with Apple's Smart Keyboard. The iPad Pro was also Apple's first tablet to feature four speakers for improved audio.

  • Baseball Highlights 2045

    The amount of iPad-only apps released to the App Store has steadily been on a decline. More and more developers seem to be opting for universal releases as the demand for tablets slows and the size and power of the iPhone increases. Even Big Fish Games has started making its weekly hidden object games available on both the iPod touch and iPhone. Big Fish was one of the last developers who regularly made and released games solely for the iPad.

  • iPad Air 3 Rumors

    iPad Air 3 rumors are being leaked almost daily now that we're getting closer to the alleged March release date of Apple's next-generation tablet. On Thursday, the DigiTimes reported that production of the 9-inch tablet will begin in the second quarter of 2016. The Taiwanese trade publication also noted that the iPad Air 3 will feature a new 4K resolution display, giving it four times more pixels than its predecessor.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook

    Apple on Tuesday released its official Q1 2016 earnings report which ended on December 26, 2015. The company announced a "record quarterly revenue of $75.9 billion and record quarterly net income of $18.4 billion." That's a large increase from the previous quarter when Apple posted $51.5 billion in revenue and $11.1 billion in profit. Apple also announced that it sold 74.8m iPhones, 16.1m iPads and 5.3m Macs over the holidays. Individual Apple Watch sales were once again not announced due to "competitive reasons."

  • iPad Air 3 Sketch

    An unconfirmed sketch of the rumored iPad Air 3 was posted by the French blog NowhereElse.fr on Monday. The leaked image reveals that the next-generation tablet may include four speakers, instead of two, like the iPad Pro. NowhereElse could not however confirm with 100% certainty that the design drawing is legit, but it is easy to believe that Apple would incorporate the same speaker design as the iPad Pro after all the positive reviews the 12-inch tablet has received for its audio. NowhereElse also noted the addition of LED flash on the new iPad.

  • 1/22/2016 1:30:15 PM
    FNaF World

    Five Nights at Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon surprised fans again by releasing FNaF World a few weeks early. The RPG, set in the FNaF universe, was originally slated for a February release, but it is now available on Steam. The official game descriptions reads:

    "Featuring the entire cast from the Five Nights at Freddy's series, this fantasy RPG will let players control their favorite animatronics in a an epic animated adventure!"

  • GarageBand 2.1

    After launching a new app that allows iOS users to qucikly record song ideas, Apple rolled out a huge update to its original music creating tool, GarageBand. Version 2.1of the app includes a ton of new features, plus support for Apple's newest devices, the iPad Pro and both iPhone 6s models.

    Apple says the new version of GarageBand "looks stunning on the expansive 12.9-inch Retina display on the iPad Pro." The larger screen also gives iPad Pro owners access to more controls and room to play. On the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus musicians can now utilize 3D Touch to play keyboard sounds with polyphonic aftertouch.

  • iPad Air 3  water resistant

    There's been quite a few dodgy iPad Air 3 rumors circulating the internet the last few days. A lot of Apple fans are still banking on Apple releasing its next-generation 12-inch tablet sometime early this year. This wishful thinking is mostly based on a research note sent out by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in December 2015. This week more rumors have surfaced claiming that the iPad Air 3 will not only launch in March, but it will also be the first iOS product to feature an IP rating for water resistance.

  • Eddie Stranger in a Strange Land

    Roadhouse Interactive and 50cc Games today announced they are woking on an upcoming mobile title based on the mytology of heavy metal icons Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast will be a free-to-play RPG where players take on the role of the band's mascot, Eddie, in his various forms. Players will be able to utilize each incarnation of Eddie's unique powers and abilities as they travel through time exploring different worlds. The game will include character art based on Maiden’s past album covers, and a soundtrack featuring tracks from the band's long history and previously unheard live recordings.

  • Pocket Mortys

    Gamers have a bad case of Morty fever. Adult Swim's new Pokémon parody, Pocket Mortys, has taken over iOS and Android devices. Everyone this week has been busy trying to collect all 82 multiverse Mortys in the new game based on the hit cartoon Rick and Morty. As for new iPad releases this week, pickings are slim, which is a good thing because it's officially Morty time.

    Here are this week's noteworthy App Store releases for the iPad through 01/10/16 to 01/15/16. Don't forget to check out our App Store recap every Saturday for all the weekly releases, jailbreak tweaks, App Store news and important app updates.

  • Free Mobile Skype Calling

    Microsoft's Outlook app for iOS has been updated today with a "Skype Meeting” option. The new feature allows users to easily schedule and join Skype calls from within the app. Outlook users can now turn on the Skype Meeting switch when creating or editing a calendar event. When enabled the Skype Meeting option allows users to jump on any scheduled Skype call with a simple tap.

  • iPad Education Tools

    The first iOS 9.3 beta is jammed packed with more features than anyone had originally expected. Apple has introduced a new Night Shift mode, that looks a lot like the jailbreak tweak f.lux, new 3D Touch Quick Actions for stock apps, better Apple Music CarPlay integration and more. While there isn't a lot of iPad-specific features there is one major upgrade that will make most iPad owners happy.

  • iShowFast Lightning drive

    Now that CES 2016 is officially wrapped here are a few of the iPad Pro accessories we missed during the event. You can see all our CES 2016 articles here, including ClamCase's new backlit keyboards for the iPad Pro and some of the hottest HomeKit accssories.

  • Pocket Mortys

    This was the first week of new App Store releases after the holiday shutdown which ended on December 29. You can see some of the new universal releases here and all the noteworthy new iPad releases below.

    In App Store news, Apple announced $1.1 billion in worldwide App Store sales over a two week period from December to January 3. Apple customers set a single day sales record on January 1 with $144 million spent on new apps and in-app purchases. You can read the complete Apple press release here.

  • TMNT Portal Power

    Today is the first Thursday after the App Store's winter holiday shutdown which runs from December 22 to December 29. This means today is the first full day of new App Store releases since Christmas and New Year's Day. Here are five new universal games that caught our eye this week. We haven't personally tested any of these games. They're just new releases that looked interesting to us.

    Also don't forget to check out our weekly new iPad apps recap every Friday for more new releases.

  • iDevices

    It's day three of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and so far there hasn't been much focus on Apple-related products, especially iPad accessories. This year has been all about advancement in car tech, wearable devices and home tech accessories.

  • ClamCase+ Power for iPad Air 2

    Amongst a flurry of announcements at CES 2016, Incipio today announced five new iPad keyboards from their ClamCase label. The new lineup of ClamCase keyboards include the ClamCase+ for the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2, ClamCase Prompt for iPad Air 2, ClamCase+ Power for iPad Air 2 and ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 4.

  • Bozon Apple Watch Charging Dock

    The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show has officially kicked off with the unveiling of Fitbit's new fitness watch the Blaze. While many new, exciting and even weird tech products are expected to make their debut at the convention all week long, it doesn't look like there will be many third-party Apple products showcased at the event. Yesterday we quickly looked at two new keyboard cases for the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4, and today Actionproof has announced its Apple Watch dock.

  • BrydgePro Keyboard Case

    The first two days of CES are reserved for press releases and invite only press conferences before the convention officially kicks off in Las Vegas on January 6. LG already has the tech world talking with the announcment of its "18-inch rollable display that can be rolled-up like a newspaper,"
    and 55-inch double-sided display. All eyes are also on Fitbit who will hold the first CES press conference at 7:30 a.m. on January 5. The fitness tracking company is expected to get the jump on the Apple Watch 2 by announcing its new line of wearable devices with upgraded features.

  • iPad Travel Express Case

    If you've received a shiny new iPad Pro for the holidays then you will probably want to invest in a new bag to lug it around. iPad Pro owners looking for a protective case or screen protector can check out our past iPad Pro case article. This post is all about bags that are big and strong enough to hold Apple's larger 12.9-inch tablet. Here are five iPad Pro carrying cases that caught our eye:

  • Reiner Knizia's The Confrontation

    Offworld Games has released The Confrontation to the App Store for the iPad. The Confrontation was created by the German board game designer Reiner Knizia. It is a turn-based strategy game that has been compared to Stratego by Touch Arcade. The game was originally released as a physical Lord of the Rings board game where the goal was stop Frodo from entering Mordor. The iPad version replaces the Lord of the Rings characters with the "Light and Shadow" armies.

  • Astropad Graphics Tablet

    Astropad, the iOS app that transforms your iPad into a graphic tablet for your Mac, has added more features for the Apple Pencil and improved performance on the iPad pro. The app allows users to pair their iPad with a Mac so they can sketch on their display. The app works with Photoshop and other Mac apps and it connects wirelessly over Wi-Fi or with a USB.


    It looks like everybody got their apps into the App Store before the yearly winter holiday shutdown, which takes place from December 22 to December 29. There were a lot of apps released to the App Store this week due to the mad dash to beat the deadline. Be sure to check out our sister site's App Store recap for all the new universal releases, so you can find a few apps to help you get through the long holiday season.

    Frogmind has released a sequel to its 2013 Apple iPad Game of the Year. BADLAND 2 is now available on the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad. The sequel promises to deliver the same side-scrolling action with stunning levels as the original, but with new elements, such as liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, water and searing light. BADLAND 2 includes a single player campaign and online stages with "globally ranked, asynchronous multiplayer events." The original BADLAND has also been discounted to $2.99 on the Apple App Store.

  • Lightroom for mobile 2.1

    Adobe's Lightroom for iPad and Lightroom for iPhone have both received major updates for Apple's next-generation products. Lightroom for iPad can now take full advantage of the iPad Pro's high-resolution display and multitasking features, such as Split View and Slide Over.

    Lightroom for iPhone has been updated with 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Users can now quickly access their Adobe camera from their Home screen, and use Peek and Pop actions within the Grid View.

  • iPad Pro Defender Series Case

    As promised, OtterBox is now accepting pre-orders for its first iPad Pro case. The Defender Series Case is one of OtterBox's most durable products that promises to put "layers of protective power between your tablet and a damage-prone world." The case features three layers of protection starting with its polycarbonate shell, which is guaranteed to protect your tablet from drops, bumps and wear and tear. The Defender Case also includes a built-in screen protector, rubber slipcover and port covers for keeping out dust and lint. The screen protector also works with the Apple Pencil while guarding against scratches and other display damage.

  • iPad Family

    KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new report (via 9to5Mac) today claiming that Apple will refresh its iPad Air lineup in the 1st half of 2016. Kuo also noted that Apple's new 9-inch iPad will not include 3D Touch due to "production issues."

    Recent rumors have suggested that Apple also plans to launch a 4-inch iPhone 6c and second-generation Apple Watch next year.

  • Case-Mate Apple Watch Bands

    Accessory maker Case-Mate is offering 30% off its Apple Watch bands, and 15% off its Holiday Gift Guide. Holiday shoppers can receive 30% by using the coupon code TIME30 at checkout.

  • Apple TV App Pricing

    AppFigures has been following the growth of the Apple TV App Store, and the company has released a report claiming that there are currently (as of December 9) 2,624 apps available for download. AppFigures estimates that the "store will be hitting 5,000 apps in about a month and 10,000 apps in early 2016." The large amount of apps being ported to the Apple TV may be good news for Apple, but AppleFigures also noted that "the majority of paid apps cost $2.99 or less." This isn't great news for the Apple which had hoped the fourth-generation Apple TV would be a serious console competitor.

  • Pixelmator Version 2.2

    The Pixelmator Team has updated its award winning image editing app with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support. Pixelmator version 2.2 now features the ability to create and edit images up to 100 megapixels on Apple's newly released 12-inch tablet. The app also supports all the advanced features of Apple's new stylus, including palm rejection and more.

  • iPad Pro

    Back in November Apple responded to complaints about a bug that was causing some iPad Pro models to stop responding. Apple didn't offer an immediate fix, but the company did release a support document telling iPad Pro owners to restart their device to temporarily deal with the issue.

  • iOS 9.2

    iOS 9.2 is now available for compatible iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. The update fixes a bug that caused the Camera screen on an iPad to sometimes go black when shooting a video, but it did not address the issue causing some iPads to become unresponsive after charging. iOS 9.2 also adds Phone support for the USB Camera Adapter, which explains the new product description on apple.com that we discussed earlier this morning. This means iPhone users can now transfer photos and video from an SD Card to their iPhone using Apple's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

  • Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

    iDownloadBlog noticed today that Apple has added a Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader to its online store. The official description states that the device "supports data transfer at up to USB 3 speeds on iPad Pro, and up to USB 2 speeds on all other iPad and iPhone models." This differs from the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter which only supports up to USB 2 speeds.