• I have never owned a cellular enabled iPad. When I think about the way I use my tablet, I know that there won’t be many times when I’ll need access to the Internet and won’t be able to connect to free Wi-Fi. It is not financially smart for me to invest more monthly charges on [...]
  • Corporations offer all manner of incentives to get well known executives to join their ranks. We’ve heard of access to private jets, car services, incredible vacation and retirement packages. However, have you ever heard of a CEO getting a $3 million iPad? For that matter, what in the world would cost $3 million on an [...]
  • NBC News published an article this week that should serve as a good reminder for any school district that wants to provide iPads for all of their students, which is that you can’t neglect all of the peripheral issues and costs associated with creating a functional infrastructure. After pushing hard for 20,000 iPads but not [...]
  • Nine states in the U.S. hold a “tax holiday” just before the start of the school year to help residents save a few dollars on back-to-school supplies. This year, Apple is reminding everyone that their state’s tax holiday is just around the corner. If you are getting your back-to-school electronics, you can save on your [...]
  • The Back-to-School season is getting underway and to help you get ready for the most productive school year ever, Microsoft has updated its OneNote iOS and OS X apps with easier access to notebooks, the ability to insert PDF files, and better sharing features. Version 2.3 now allows users to access work or school notebooks [...]
  • I’ve been listening to NPR One for many hours through my iPad Air (yes, I know the app isn’t optimized for the iPad, but that doesn’t change the sound quality). Basically, I’ve been listening to the app from the moment I found out it existed until right now while writing this article. One thing I [...]
  • PopCap is on a roll with adding more and more updates to the sequel to its popular castle defense game. Drop your seeds and grow poison-spewing plants that knock the medieval zombie king right off his thrown in the Plants vs. Zombies 2’s latest content update, just released this week. Dark Ages Part 2 features [...]
  • A few months ago, Apple added an NPR channel to iTunes Radio, which includes rebroadcasts of popular segments and shows like “All Things Considered.” Prior to that, you could find your local station by listening to NPR News from the iPad app, or you could stream shows from the official website. Now, in addition to [...]
  • Last week, security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski made some hefty claims that iOS devices are vulnerable to attack due to undocumented surveillance services that Apple has included in its mobile operating system. Apple quickly refuted the claim and made those services more transparent for those suspicious of their intent. This week, Bluebox Security came out with [...]
  • Foursaken Media today released the first teaser trailer for Phantom Rift. The game is being described as a mix of Bastion and Mega Man Battle Network with tons of equipment, abilities and customization." In the game, players take on the role of a wizard who must journey through various dungeons while battling random monsters and collecting loot.

    The game will feature a unique battle system with over 120 spells. Players will be able to carry up to 30 magic spells at one time, but will only get a "random selection of 5 spells" to use when they fill their special meter during a battle, according to Touch Arcade. This will give battles a sense of randomness and force users to use various combinations of spells to defeat their opponents instead of sticking to a few favorites.

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  • Being a writer in the iOS industry, I meet a lot of indie app developers. I can tell from correspondences with these hard-working men and women that creating an app or game, for at least a period of time, is their life and their passion. Many developers put their friendships on hold and families in [...]
  • Apple today refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup with three new 13-inch models and two new 15-inch models. All the new models have received updated processors and more memory. The 13-inch models now ship with a 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 chip and 8GB of memory. The new 15-inch models are now powered by a 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and come with 16GB of memory. All models are equipped with Apple's Retina display and feature up to 9 hours of battery life.

    MacBook Pro with Retina Display

    As for prices, the 13-inch lineup still starts at $1,299 and the 15-inch models start at $1,999. The pricier 15-inch model is the only unit that has received a price change and it is now only $2,499.

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  • Until recently, I didn’t waste time with two different apps for Facebook communications. The official app works just fine for checking in, reading your timeline, and chatting with others. The only reason I ended up downloading Facebook’s Messenger app was to have faster, less distracted communication with my band mates who use it exclusively to [...]
  • This past weekend, San Diego played host to tens of thousands of comic book collectors and celebrity chasers alike. We are big fans of comics around here and even have a list of apps that will help get you through Comic Con. This week, Apple also celebrated San Diego Comic Con by making Madefire Motion [...]
  • Earlier this month, Apple’s settlement agreement in its antitrust case was made public. Although nearly half the price the prosecuting judge was originally seeking, the settlement appeared to be reasonable as the Department of Justice agreed to it. Last week, the ruling judge in the case, Denise Cote, publicly noted in a teleconference on the [...]
  • When Apple announced plans to acquire Beats Music and Beats Electronics for $3 billion, the only real hurdle was whether the world would consider the merger to be a monopoly of sorts. If federal or international regulators found that the Apple-Beats union would create an unfair leg up against market competitors, the acquisition would not [...]
  • Most people have at least two different email accounts these days. Typically, the average person has a personal email account and a work-related email account. However, some have many more. There is the throwaway spam catcher, the eBay or Craigslist responder, and the secret one that no one else knows about. You get the idea. [...]
  • As Apple gets ready to launch its Health app in iOS 8, news is coming in from a variety of places how iOS devices are being used to help doctors and patients better communicate. Today, British news site Gazette Live is reporting that James Cook University Hospital and the Friarage have rolled out iPad and [...]
  • We missed Slitherine's new strategy game Commander the Great War in our iPad Games of the Week recap because it was released over the weekend, instead of on Wednesday or Thursday when most iOS titles are released to the App Store. The World War I simulation game features five different campaigns that take place during different periods of the great war. The game also includes 40 different real war events that players can alter based on their decisions, 18 different unit types, the ability to research and improve units and realistic combat scenarios.

    Commander the Great War

    Some gamers may be worried about shelling out $20 for another turn-based strategy title, especially if they were burned by Civilization 2 a few weeks earlier. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of reviews for the game on the internet, but it does currently have a 4 1/2 star rating based on 17 App Store reviews, and it is also receiving positive remarks from the Touch Arcade community.

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  • According to information coming from Re/code, Apple has its eye on streaming media app Swell Radio. The news and podcast style app has been called the “Pandora-for-talk-radio.” If the report proves to be true, it is possible that Apple’s Podcast app will get an overhaul or iTunes Radio will generate more news content. Multiple unnamed [...]
  • On Friday morning my iPad was stolen. Technically I left it on the roof of my car and in a distracted moment I drove away, but by the time I realized what I had done it was no where to be found. I will never know if someone snatched it before I left or if [...]
  • The U.S. House of Representatives passed the "Unlocking Consumer Choice Act" on Saturday. The new bill will make it legal for customers to unlock their mobile devices and join any carrier they choose. President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law and credits the "We the People" petition started in February 2013 as to why the bill was a success.

    Unlocking Consumer Choice Act

    "I applaud Members of Congress for passing the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act," said Obama. "Last year, in response to a 'We the People' petition from consumers across our country, my Administration called for allowing Americans to use their phones or mobile devices on any network they choose."

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  • 7/27/2014 6:51:15 PM

    Apple's iWatch is rumored to be launching sometime in September 2014, but the watch itself has not been officially confirmed.

    According to various sources, Apple plans to release at least three wearable devices dubbed the "iWatch" by the press. Apple purportedly will launch a 1.6-inch model and two 1.3-inch models with sapphire glass.

    Apple is expected to announce the iWatch alongside the iPhone 6 on September 16th.

  • The consensus so far this year holds that Apple will be releasing the the iPad Air 2 and next generation iPad mini sometime before the end of the year. While this may still be true, the latest rumor claims that production of both devices has been delayed.

    iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro

    According to Chinese media, via G4Games, production of the two new iPads is being pushed back to September. It was previously thought that both would enter mass production in August. The phablet size 5.5" iPhone 6 is also being pushed back to September, which dispels rumors that it would launch alongside the 4.7" model in late September. The smaller model has reportedly already entered mass production. The delay supposedly comes due to "yield issues" within Apple's supply chain.

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  • The 2014 San Diego Comic Convention takes place this weekend from July 24 – 27. If you have ever attended the epic multi-day event, you probably know just how hard it is to navigate the convention and the entire city. We’ve got a list of apps for attending the San Diego Comic Con that will [...]
  • My favorite mobile Bluetooth speaker is getting a new look. Today, Ultimate Ears, the music department for Logitech, announced another limited edition version of the UE BOOM. This time, artist Don Pendleton is in charge of the one-of-a-kind graphic design. The Jettison Edition UE BOOM sports the iconic cubist doodle that Pendleton is known for. [...]
  • In 1993, Wizards of the Coast launched a trading card game that would change the tabletop gaming world.  More than 20 years later, Magic: The Gathering has become a cultural phenomenon, bringing together fans of fantasy fiction from around the world in epic tournaments and massive social events. Now, the game can be played online, [...]
  • This was a big week for iPad releases and mobile gaming as a whole with San Diego Comic Con kicking off on Thursday. Here are some of the big stories that broke this week. On Tuesday, Blizzard Entertainment opened the first wing of the Curse of Naxxramas expansion for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The Arachnid Quarter is free to play, but the next four wings will cost 700 gold per wing or $6.99 per wing. There are also bundle packages available for those who want to open all five wings at once, but they do not give you early access to the remaining four wings which will be opening weekly for the next four weeks.

    Modern Combat 5: Blackout

    AMC and Next Games released a very brief teaser trailer (see below) for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. AMC will be previewing the game at Comic Con booth #4237.

    Bandai Namco is unveiling three games in San Diego at booth #121. The games include a collectible card game called Outcast Odyssey, Pac-Man Friends and a mobile version of the 2010 Xbox Live title Pac-Man CEDX.

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  • Apple TV isn't really known for video games, but app developer Rolocule has changed all that with a new title called Dance Party. The game is available as an iOS app that allows a player to use their iPod or iPhone as a motion controller to control the movement of a dancer on their television. The app uses AirPlay and Rolocule’s tracking technology called Rolomotion to make the magic happen.

    Marvel Unlimited

    As of right now, Dance Party only offers a limited number of songs, but it does allow you to track the amount of calories you burn while playing. The game also features a real time multiplayer mode for up to four people, and a "Global Fitness Battle" mode is coming soon.

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  • The “Snooze Bar” is something we are used to seeing on our alarm clocks. It’s 6:00 a.m. and you just need five (or maybe 10) more minutes of sleep. The snooze feature gives you just a few more minutes to finish that dream. A snooze bar on a calendar seems unnatural, but at the same [...]
  • Whenever I go camping, if I forget to bring my EU BOOM, I’m always trying to find ways to amplified the sound coming out of my iPad speakers so music can be heard over the noisy sounds of nature. I’ve discovered that, by placing my tablet plate in a metal pan, it redirects sound and [...]
  • Griffin has released a new iPad Air case which brings their tradition of quality into a lightweight case that is perfect for protecting your tablet at the highest level. If you are tired of lugging around what is supposed to be a super light device just to keep it safe, then this is the case [...]
  • A handful of teammates that previously spent time under the roof of Angry Birds creator Rovio have spread their wings (pun intended) and started their own game development company, Boomlagoon. This week, the company popped onto the scene with a teaser trailer for the upcoming platform auto run game Monsu and it looks as cute [...]
  • App maker FiftyThree has successfully expanded its small developer business into a full-fledged company with the success of its artist stylus Pencil. Pencil is a realistic touch screen tool that lets you sketch, blend, and erase. The only problem is that the stylus is only compatible with FiftyThree apps. This week, the company announced it [...]
  • One week ago, I noticed that some of Yamaha Corporation’s music recording and sequencer apps had dropped in price to free. There was more than one on sale, which caught my attention. Upon further inspection, I realized that nearly all of the company’s originally paid music apps are now free. I don’t know if the [...]
  • In celebration of Comic-Con kicking off in San Diego, Marvel starting today is offering a special all-access pass to its digital library. Comic fans can now gain access to Marvel Unlimited for only $0.99. One-dollar will give you access to over 15,000 digital comics for one month. To take advantage of this deal, go to http://marvel.com/mu and use the promo code SDCC14 when purchasing a monthly subscription. The price will go to $9.99 after your first month is complete.

    Marvel Unlimited

    iOS users can use the free Marvel Unlimited app to read the digital comics on their iPad or iPhone. The service also works online with most browsers and on select Android devices. Users can save up to 12 comics on their device for offline reading. This means you're not getting 15,000 comics to keep for only $0.99, but you should be able to rip through big events such as the Age of Ultron, depending on how fast you read.

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  • As Apple announced its third quarter earnings yesterday after the closing bell, it disclosed that iPad sales numbered 13.28 million for the June quarter, indicating a drop off of 9.2% year-over-year. Despite the disappointing numbers, Apple remains confident about the iPad's future.

    iPad sales fall, iPad still leads market

    During yesterday's earnings conference call, CEO Tim Cook said that iPad sales met Apple's internal expectations, but he realized they didn't meet many investors' expectations. He pointed to several factors - "our sales were gated in-part by a reduction in channel inventory and in-part by market softness in certain parts of the world. For example IDC’s latest estimate indicates a 5% overall decline in the U.S. tablet market, as well as a decline in the Western European tablet market in the June quarter."

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  • Bandai Namco today announced a new collectible card game named Outcast Odyssey. The company will preview the game alongside two new Pac-Man titles at San Diego Comic Con on July 24th to July 27th. At launch, Outcast Odyssey will feature 600 cards created by comic book artists such Warren Louw and Chuck Pires. Bandai Namco said the game will feature both dungeon crawling and card battling elements. Players will be able to form guilds and evolve hundreds of cards to build unstoppable decks. Outcast Odyssey was announced a few weeks after Bandai Namco said they were pulling their RPG Tales of Phantasia from the App Store.

    Outcast Odyssey

    The collectible card game genre is becoming a crowded market on the App Store. Blizzard Entertainment recently released the first expansion for its Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft title, and Wizards of the Coast just released Magic 2015. It will be interesting to see if Outcast Odyssey will be able to draw players away from these two already popular franchises. Bandai Namco's card game will be free-to-play for both iOS and Android devices, and unlike Hearthstone and Magic which are only available for the iPad, Outcast Odyssey will also be available for the iPhone.

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  • iOS has been a game changer for Apple and as the devices which run it become more powerful, iOS hasn’t started to look more like OS X, as some surmised would happen, but just the opposite with OS X clearly looking more like iOS with each version. If you are an iPad owner who still [...]
  • The next installment in the most popular first-person shooter (FPS) series of games on iOS has just hit the market. Android-based device owners in the U.S. can already download Modern Combat 5 from Google Play. The New Zealand App Store launched it earlier this afternoon, and reports are coming in that U.S. residents will be [...]